What Can you Claim in your Taxes as a Couple with Kids

Hi friends,

Last time, I address the tax return of couples with no kids. Today, I will tackle all the couples with kids.

Essentially similar to couples without children, except that you will be able to claim credits and deductions for your kids. Bonus!

Again, it is always a good idea to conjointly prepare your tax returns as you will be able to transfer credits from one spouse/partner to another.

Let’s get to it and see what you can claim with the tables below.

If you need more information on deductions and tax credits check my post on Understand The Basics of The Canadian Tax System.

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What can you claim in your taxes as a Couple with no Kids

Hi Friends,

Today, I will be talking about couple that have no children.

There are a few combinations :

  • we might have a couple where both members are bread-winners,  or
  • one person is a bread-winner and the other is a home-maker, or
  • both persons are home-makers or
  • one bread-winner and one student

There are other possibilities, but I will only focus on the first two combinations. As for the other two, I will have other posts for them.

Whether both of you are working, it is always better to conjointly prepare the tax return. Why? Simply because the Federal and Quebec governments allow transfer of credit between spouses/partners. Further, you will be able to minimize your tax liabilities and get the maximum out of certain tax credits.

In a nutshell your deductions and tax credits are similar (not exactly) to a single-person tax return, except that as a couple, you can transfer some of your credits.

Instead of having to decipher among the myriad of credits and deductions that don’t necessarily apply to your situation, the tables below will give you a visual support to know what you can claim.

Keep in mind that you might be entitled to other claims especially if you have investments. But I reserve stand-alone posts for investments, RRSP, HBP, Capital Gain, Dividends, etc.


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Let’s see where you can save some “lana

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What Can You Claim In Your Tax As A Single Person?

Hi Friends,

Remember me from my last post? You can check it out here.

Last time, I have explained some ground concepts to understand the Canadian tax system. Today, I will be talking about the different deductions someone can claim.

Since the deductions are many, I will work in scenarios. I will start by taking care of all my singles friends out there. But don’t worry if you don’t fall into this category, your turn will come later.

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Understand the Basics of the Canadian Tax System

Hi Friends,

If you work for a company as an employee there are a few items you can use to reduce your Canadian tax liabilities.

What is Retention at Source?

It is important that I lay the basics before going into details. When you receive your paycheck, your employer, by law, is obliged to withhold a certain amount of money directly at source from your salary. The amount of taxes withheld depends on how much money you are making. It is based on your marginal tax rate. Read More